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• 7 algorithms : Room, Hall, Plate, Ambient, Chorus, Non-Linear and Primitive

• Input Gain up to +15 dB with analog clipping

• Pre Delay up to 500 ms (with the PRE DELAY pot) or 1500 ms (with the TAP switch) 

• Continuous control of the reverb Size parameter 
for fine tuning

• Low-Cut Filter : 20Hz, 80Hz,150Hz, 250Hz, 450Hz 

• High-Cut Filter : 1.8kHz, 4.5kHz, 7kHz, 9kHz, 15kHz 

• Chorus parameter can add modulation to the reverberator signal

• Tap Tempo assignable to Pre Delay or Reverb Time 

• Freeze switch

• 36 user presets

• MIDI input : BAM responds to CCs and Pgm Change 

• 3 bypass modes : Relay, Spillover and Aux 

• Nice and simple user interface via 16 white LEDs Rugged steel enclosure

• Neutrik® jack connectors

• Power supply included

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